Top 5 Best Drilling Machines in India 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide


At home or in the office, there are a lot of things that are required to be installed or fitted onto the walls, doors, and ceilings. Apart from that, plenty of things are needed to be removed from their place to get repaired. Be it any sort of requirement, possessing a drilling machine, cordless or corded, is really necessary if you don’t want to call a technical person to get it done. In case you are into the technical line and often require installing something on the wall, roof, door, etc., buying a drilling machine is going to be a necessity for you since a screwdriver might not provide you with the desired result.

Therefore, we have aligned the Best Drilling Machines for you today so that whenever you want to buy one, you don’t need a lot of suggestion or need doing a lot of brainstorming before purchasing one. Every single drilling machine that we have listed and reviewed down below is a top-quality drilling machine offering all the features that a customer would ask or long for. In addition, at the end of this review, we are going to provide you with a Drilling Machine Buyer’s Guide, which will further enable you to make a smarter choice.

Best Drill Machines For Home Use in India – Reviews

Makita M0600B 10mm Drilling Machine

Do you want to purchase a drilling machine that doesn’t munch in a lot of power? Here we are with the Makita M0600B 10mm drilling machine, which operates at a really minimal input power of 350-Watts and delivers the best drilling performance. This universal and detailed electric drill provides you with the option of both forward and reversed switch for added convenience. This electric drill might be used for the purpose of trimming, carving, drilling, and polishing. In addition, it comes with a warranty cover so that you don’t have to worry about any manufacturing defect.

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Functions in an effective manner with an input power of 350 Watts
  • Comprises of a heat emitting hole to avert the heating of the drill
  • Comes with the high-quality metal chuck for superior performance
  • Provides the option of both forward and reverse rotation for ease
  • Delivers a maximum drill capacity of 10mm (steel) and 20mm (wood)

Black & Decker KR554RE 550-Watt 13mm Drill Machine

Are you searching for an electric drill that is going to assist you in performing the minor household repairs or the building tasks? The Black + Decker have come up with the adjustable speed drilling machine that is solely the accurate equipment. The Black & Decker KR5554RE is a pretty low maintenance unit devoid of any sort of compromise as far as the performance is concerned. It is a really light in weight drill machine having an ergonomic frame, which turns it pretty informal to maneuver for a lengthy time period.

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Comes with a drilling/hammering mode for both power and speed
  • Offers adjustable speed for definitive fingertip control for drilling
  • Comprises of a reverse-brush arrangement for comprehensive torque
  • Framed having an ergonomic design with optimum gripping positions
  • Covered by a 6-months manufacturer’s warranty for after sales service

Bosch GSB 500W 10 RE Professional Tool Kit

With an input power of 500 Watts, this electric drill offers you the precise amount of support as well as power that you require to complete the tasks all around the house. Time and again the weight and size of the drills weigh up one below, but it isn’t the case with Bosch GSB 10 RE. This drill has been manufactured in a manner that enhances the working in trying conditions like the hard-to-reach spaces or above your head jobs, turning it less exhausting for the user to get over the task faultlessly. Weighing nearly 4.5 kg, this convenient tool kit makes sure that your get the desired ease and functionality.

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Fabricated having a really compact design for stress-free working
  • Provides the precise amount of power for the minor repairing tasks
  • Equipped with a powerful and robust 500W motor for tough jobs
  • At a weight of 1.5Kg, it is really easy carry and offers a lot of control
  • Delivers both forward and reverse mode for quickly shifting the drive

Dewalt DWD024 13mm Impact Drill

Turn all your drilling chores even more appropriate using this effectual Dewalt Impact Driver. This impact drill has been ergonomically intended so as to assist you in drilling the well-ordered holes lacking a lot of struggle; this equipment offers and amazing power-to-size proportion that deliver abundant power to assist you whilst drilling even on tougher surfaces. The tool is pretty light in weight, which makes it stress-free to utilize and diminishes the weakness felt in the hands and arms. It is moreover appropriate for utilize whilst drilling above your head and in restricted spaces since it possesses a compact and solid frame.

best drill machine in india

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Doesn’t require a lot of effort in piercing hole into the walls
  • Turns a wide range of drilling tasks pretty easy and effortless
  • Provides a rubber back handle to weaken the effect of vibrations
  • Allows you to drill the material with the speed that is appropriate
  • Offers a lock-on feature to keep the drill running whilst shifting

Skil 6513 JD 13mm Drill Kit

At present you don’t need to wait for the technician to visit for piercing the walls or the doors to perform the minor household maintenance and repairs work using this ergonomically fabricated drilling machine from the house of Skil. This top-notch drilling machine is going to assist in making appropriate holes on masonry or woods like you might anticipate from any plumber. This amazing drill machine comprises of a comfy pistol resembling grip. This assists the user to utilize it at ease whilst in quest of forming holes in the walls or the doors.

best drill machine in india

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Appropriate to use for every single drilling assignment at home
  • The strong and steadfast design makes it further easy to use
  • Offers a smart drilling performance with an ergonomic handle grip
  • Pretty comfortable and convenient owing to the smart design
  • Comes at really affordable price when compared to other drill brands

Personal Suggestion

There might be plenty of you who must be really irritated with the charges that the technicians or plumbers slap on your face after performing a frivolous task of drilling. Now, with the availability of top-notch drill machines at a reasonable price, you may be capable of avoiding those charges with ease along with acquiring certain DIY skills. After going through the overall detailed review, it might have become pretty easier for each one of you to choose a quality impact drill or drilling machine for your home for performing those minor repairs or making holes in the walls or doors.

best drill machine

But, we are pretty certain about the fact that there might still be a few customers or users who would be finding it tough to catch hold of a drilling machine as per their individual budget and requirements. For such people, we are providing a personal suggestion, which they may readily go with to get the best experience and finest drilling power at a decent price. The drilling that we are going to recommend to our customers is the Bosch GSB 500W 10 RE Professional Tool Kit, which is a proper equipment kit comprising of several important tools and equipment to handle many tasks with a lot of ease.

Drilling Machine – Buyer’s Guide

What are the Points to Keep in Mind Whilst Buying a Drilling Machine?

There might be plenty of tools obtainable on the market, there filled in a single unit, distinct, collaborated with that majority of required ones and many others. In case you’re opting to purchase a drilling machine, ensure that you select the appropriate one for your requirements. There are definite points to simplify every single choice you have at your disposal, so it is going to be stress-free for you to select.


The drilling machine should possess the essential power to pierce masonry and other tough surfaces like steel. A majority of the drilling machines have a customary input power of 500 watts, but in case your requirements are less, there are a few drilling machines with 450 watts, and a few of them possess an input power ranging from 600 to 700 watt. So theoretically, more input power is needed in case you’re an expert, but for minor household repairs, a lower power unit is going to be apt.

RPM & Impact Rate

Additional revolutions every minute the motor generates, glibber it is whilst piercing the holes. Moreover, in case the impact rate is superior, it signifies that the drill has improved penetration as compared to the one at the lower end. A majority of drilling machines offer to match RPM and impact rate, they don’t differ a lot. In the event you’re more devoted to the working, solely then you must reflect on this feature.

Forward & Reverse Motion

This aspect is an inevitability in a drilling machine. Suppose your drilling machine gets jammed in the midst of the task, and you might not be able to pull that out by strength. You only need to switch to the reverse mode, and start it; you are easily going to escape.

Additional Features

Search for a few features such as the screwdriver mode or hammering mode. It relies on the mode that you need since a majority of drilling machines might not possess both. The hammering mode is useful whilst you want to crack a few surfaces; in contrast, the screwdriver mode assists in making the screw tight in an effective manner, and free up the tightened ones without difficulty.

Drill or Kit

You need to distinguish in case you actually require every single tool for use at home, or solely the drilling machine. The overall kit comprises of a bunch of tools needed to perform all that reparation tasks. It’ll charge you extra as well. If you purchase only the drill, it comprises the key chuck and bits.


A majority of drills have a price tag of around 2000 rupees, a few of them if the specifications are good, are offered below 2500 rupees. Thus, you must decide which drill you should opt for. In case you don’t need a few features, you must opt to purchase the fundamental ones. In case you require purchasing the whole kit, comprising hammer, pliers, and wrench, then you will be charged near about 3000 to 5000 rupees for a worthy kit.

Brand & Warranty

The brand of the impact drill does matter, since then you distinguish the dependability, build superiority and its overall performance. The period of warranty for the drilling machines generally is nearly 6 months. Make sure that the drilling machine that you purchase must possess a minimum warranty period of 6 months. A respectable brand will always offer a decent warranty period along with the quality of framing.

We are pretty certain about the fact that after reading all these aspects, in case you have made up your mind on purchasing one, then it might be ideal for your budget and requirement.

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