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Are you sick and tired of tangled cables that not only make ironing difficult for you but also cause new wrinkles in recently pressed clothes? Then, a cordless model might interest you. Choose one of the best cordless irons represented in our review and forget about the inconveniences of ironing with wired iron forever.

Steam irons are the best ironing option we have in our times; recognizing this system as the most effective when removing all types of wrinkles in basically all fabric times, many people question which are the best cordless steam irons.

In a market saturated with options, we decided to take a moment to make a comparison between some of the best products available on the web, with the intention of determining which is the best option to buy based on logical criteria such as the following:

Things to keep in mind while buying a cordless steam iron of 2018

The first thing we decided to take into account is the aspects related to the operation of the product and that determines, at the same time, the quality of the ironing. In this sense, it is important to analyze important aspects such as the speed with which the iron is heated and the amount of steam it produces. These aspects are determined by the power of the model so it is convenient to focus on products with a power greater than 1600 watts if we want to have in our hands a high-quality item.

Quality of iron

Another important aspect is the quality of the soles in the different models; the soles are usually designed according to a wide variety of materials, which play a decisive role in the overall performance of the product.

Practically all the good cordless steam irons on the market include the same basic characteristics, playing with small variations not very important in elements such as variable control in the steam blows, several temperature adjustments determined by the type of fabrics; stainless steel soles; ignition indicator systems; cables with sufficient length for easy handling; etc.

The main advantage of wireless steam iron:

The first of these is the mobility that you will have when you can move while ironing around the table, or is it that you never have the cable hooked to the ironing board or have you got tangled while ironing? This is very unpleasant, so these plates do not have cable this problem is solved at the root.

Another advantage is that when you keep your iron you will have more space since you will not have to count on the surface that occupies the cable when rolling it. For this reason, you can store your iron in more places or leave room for other elements.

In addition, many times with the storage of the cable these are deteriorating when being rolled. However, in this type of plates without cable, we prevent this from happening. Therefore, we will extend the useful life of this device so necessary in our home.

Another characteristic to keep in mind is that by taking fewer components your iron without cable will weigh less, so your shoulders and back will appreciate it while you iron all the clothes, all are advantages

Why wireless iron:

  • Protect your clothes with the power of steam.
  • Wireless Iron is easy to use and with just 1 click will be ready to iron.
  • Its nano-ceramic base allows easy sliding through all types of fabrics.
  • Thanks to its stable and constant steam ejection you can iron faster.
  • With adjustable steam technology your garments will not be damaged.
  • You can level the temperature according to the garment to be ironed.

Characteristics of the Wireless Iron:

They also come with a number of supplementary features that make ironing so much easier.  A few of them are below:

  • Scratch-resistant ceramic sole.
  • Wireless iron is without cables. The possibility of operation with cable is also aviable in case of wireless iron.
  • Anti-scale system and anti-drip system.
  • Self-cleaning function.
  • Regulation of continuous temperature and steam in 3 positions.
  • Drying function (steam can be switched off).
  • Function to expel steam and vaporize vertically.
  • 360 rotating cable.
  • Transparent water tank approx. 220ml
  • Rubber handle
  • Protection against overheating and evaporation.
  • Make the ironing very easy and less time consuming
  • Reasonable in rates and easily afford by anyone

Conclusion:  So if you want to enjoy ironing at home then wireless iron is a great option for you. This type of iron makes the ironing process easy and less time-consuming. So if you like to buy wireless iron then you can get the best one from the online store at very reasonable rates.

Top 5 best cordless steam irons – Reviews

Black + Decker BD BXIR2201IN 2200-Watt Cord & Cordless Steam Iron (Green)

Black+decker 2200 watts cord and cordless steam iron provides supreme convenience to you. On a click of button, you may remove the back cover from the iron and there will no fuss of power cord while ironing.

The powerful steam blast function of the Black + Decker 2200W Steam Iron is not only stylish, but, also a heavy-duty iron. Get the professional finish of crisp and crease-free clothes, in the comfort of your home. It features a host of functions when put together, to give you maximum utility and make your ironing experience hassle-free. The distinctive feature is the cordless function. This makes it convenient and getting ironed clothes has never been easier!

The Ceramic coated soleplate helps in even heat distribution. It is durable in nature and helps in friction-free ironing on any fabric. So, you can iron any kind of fabric and remove creases without any problem. This feature controls the temperature and the amount of steam which is produced. Different type of clothes needs different temperature settings. With this feature, you can steam iron all kind of clothes without worrying about damage.

best cordless steam iron in india

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Why we recommend it

  • The 350 ML water tank ensures that you don’t have to refill the tank every now and then. This also ensures that steam can be produced for a longer period as the water capacity present in the steam iron is on the higher side.
  • This 100 ML measuring cup helps you fill the steam iron sufficiently with water. Moreover, you can do so without worrying about spilling water on the steam iron.
  • The Anti-drip feature prevents the dripping of water from the soleplate. Even if the tank is entirely full, there will be no spilling of water from the steam. Neither, will the water droplets be leaking from any corner of the steam iron.
  • This Black + Decker Steam Iron has 2200 Wattage which leads to quick heating of the iron and faster steam production. Now getting rid of tough wrinkles and creases won’t be time consuming.
  • The Anti-Calc feature helps counter the limescale build up which can damage clothes. This specially designed system in the iron prevents any limescale residue.
  • When you use the steam iron on a consistent basis, the calcium carbonate in the water leads to limescale deposits which affect the steam supply. The Self-Clean Function prevents any build up which.

Sheffield Classic Steam Iron 1200W cordless steam cum dry Iron (Blue & White)

This 1200-Watt steam iron (CORDLESS) from the house of Sheffield Classic features non stick coated sole plate. It is designed to produce steam, spray and bust of steam. The multiple adjustable thermostatic level and variable steam control allow adjusting the temperature according to the cloth which you are ironing. It comes with self-clean function for less maintenance Cordless Steam, Burst & Spray Function Powerful Burst Of Steam Dry Ironing, Spraying, Steam Adjustable Transparent water level window Temperature adjustment with pilot lamp display Teflon coating sole plate 360° Rotation of base Cord storage compartment Safety cut-off Size:250Lx135Wx208Hmm 0.1404 cbm/20 pcs Leak proof water tank.

best cordless steam iron in india

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Why we recommend it

  • It features a ceramic soleplate that glides on any fabric. It also has a control knob to adjust the temperature and steam burst as per your requirements. This feature ensures you have ease of movement while ironing without any hassle. Once the iron is heated, you can use the cordless feature for some time.
  • There will be continuous steam for a certain period post which the iron will stay warm and can be used for dry ironing. The iron comes with a back stand to let your hot iron rest and stay safe from any accidents.
  • 3-in-1 Functions: Continuous Steam, Water Spray and Steam Bust feature. Non-stick Coated sole plate for Smooth gliding on any types of clothes, 360 degree swivel cord for easy handling.
  • Power:1200 Watts with Adjustable thermostatic control and Safety thermal fuse Color: Blue,
  • Non-stick Coated sole plate for Smooth gliding on any types of clothes, 360 degree swivel cord for easy handling.

Panasonic NI-100DX Cordless Dry Iron

Made to be used overseas only with 220/240v Electrical Outlets! This item is not made for USA use. It is powered by 1000W of power. It comes with a non-Stick Soleplate. Ergonomic grip handle, cordless for best mobility, 6 Temperature Settings. It’s available with a base with a built-in holder.

best cordless steam iron in India

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Why we recommend it

  • 220/240 Volt 50hz for use in European/African countries 1000 Watts of Power
  • Non-Stick Soleplate; Ergonomic grip handle
  • Cordless for best mobility; 6 Temperature Settings; Base with built-in holder
  • 4 kg Light Weight

Skyline/Hotline/Euroline Cordless 1200W Steam and Spray Iron

If you’re eyeing for nothing but the best than look no further than Skyline 1200W cordless steam iron. It has every feature that you look in for an ideal steam iron.

best cordless steam iron in India

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Why we recommend it

  • Cordless steam iron
  • Quick heat and reheat
  • Power: 1200 watt power

Skyline VT-7025 1200-Watt Spray Iron (Multicolour)

Vt-7025 cordless steam and spray iron made of very good quality. Easy to carry and handle. It solves the problem of ironing near a switch board.

best cordless steam iron in India

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Why we recommend it

  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Power: 1200 watts
  • Includes: Spray Iron
  • Cordless steam and spray iron made of very good quality

Personal Recommendation

best cordless steam iron in India

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Being smart consumers never ever compromise the quality of unique home appliances like cordless steam irons you buy because of the money. Appreciated cordless steam irons are naturally obtainable on the Internet if you’re on a budget. If you are having a hard time finding one, we have identified a good option for you Panasonic NI-100DX Cordless Dry Iron is a worthwhile, performance oriented and a reasonable product. It is also tough and has a well-engineered design that will help you offer the best ironing solutions for years to come.

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