Top 5 Best Electric Tandoors in India 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Tandoor is one of the most fascinating elements of the kitchen. In essence, its function is to trap the heat in space to transmit it to the food that is placed inside. This transmission is carried out in part by radiation from the walls in the form of electromagnetic waves, by convection, carried by hot air currents, and also by conduction of the hearth in the old wood furnaces. These are heated before cooking, taking advantage of the fact that the stone, brick or clay walls retain heat for a long time. In modern electric or gas Tandoors heat is supplied continuously, air currents are mechanically produced and temperatures of 260 ° Care reached. The tandoor is the key to authentic Indian cuisine, specifically in the Punjab region, in North India and Pakistan, without the taste of this clay Tandoor, what you're eating is not Indian food, it's just something full of spices. If we describe it as such, the tandoor is a furnace that is a large clay pot that feeds on charcoal, although there are currently some electric or gas. It can reach temperatures above 400 ° C and usually never go out, keeping the heat constantly. Don’t forget to check our list of top 5 electric tandoors in India.

What's So Special About the Electric Tandoors?

The electric Tandoor is an increasingly demanded alternative in kitchens thanks to its manageability combined with an economical price. It is recommended that it be in aerated areas since it needs good ventilation.

In addition to needing very little fuel, the advantages of cooking in a tandoor focus on the flavor it brings to food. Both meats and vegetables, keep all their juices making the flavors are much more intense, without using extra fat. The use of tandoor as a cooking method is recommended by many dieticians, everything is healthier and the taste is exquisite. The problem is that if you do not live in India, having one of these at home will be a bit complicated.

If you have come to eat Indian food in Roti you will surely know some of the wonderful creations of our tandoor. The most famous is undoubtedly the tandoori chicken, a name that gives not only the spices used in its marinade but also the use of the tandoor in its cooking. In Roti, we also prepare all our naan in the tandoor.

That is our secret and if you are a lover of Indian food, now you know what that special, smoky and juicy taste of all our dishes is, without the tandoor nothing would be the same. Therefore, although you want to repeat the recipe and the taste, in general, resembles the original, it will be impossible to get the magic touch that coal and clay give to food in a tandoor.

Benefits of Electrical Tandoor:

Baking is the ideal medium for large pieces of meat or fish that require long times due to their size so that the heat of the surface can reach the center of the piece by conduction. When a portion of food is subjected to the high temperatures of a Tandoor, the surface is the first to heat up and begins to lose water, which will pass into the air. Gradually a superficial crust forms. A strong Tandoor is that crust is formed very soon, and may even burn out while the interior remains raw. For this reason, it is an art that of the master roasters. After the roast, the piece must rest, so that the juice from the interior, which has not had very high temperatures, diffuses towards the periphery.

One of its great advantages is the ease with which we can turn it on. Generally, turning a button should start, without having to use lighters of any kind.

  1. In the same way, the methods of temperature control are much more precise. It has different levels with the possibility of regulation to adapt the intensity to the needs of each dish. This joins the speed with which they are made, with a maximum temperature of 500 degrees. The preheating is very
  2. Efficiency is another point in favor. There is no option to let the heat out of the compartments, avoiding that charged atmosphere in space. This also entails energy savings since the cooling system works less and can have less time on when kept at high temperatures for a certain time.
  3. On the other hand, not needing a gas supply makes it cleaner and safer when preparing food.
  4. However, the electrical system can play a trick on wiring and cause failures that require costly repairs more often than we would like.
  5. Besides its high consumption is a disadvantage to consider. Depending on the power of each one can go from 1,800 Watts to 4,900 Watts.
  6. When removing dirt, a problem may also arise. Due to the high temperatures that are reached in the cooking, many remains remain stuck that make their rapid elimination difficult and there is a danger of causing scratches on the interior walls.
  7. One of the advantages of cooking in electric Tandoors is the consumption they represent. Because it usually takes an hour to prepare recipes for an electric Tandoor, approximately less than S / .100 is spent per Tandoor. This contributes to the gas in your house that lasts longer for other types of dishes and has a measured consumption of electric power when using your Tandoor.
  8. The energy-saving also manifests itself in that the heat does not leave the Tandoor, by preventing leaks the energy is compacted in the container.

Best Electric Tandoor Brands in India

Wonderchef 63151933 1000-Watt Electric Tandoor

Now you are all set to wear the chef's cap and turn yourself into a proficient chef as you can grill the scrumptious burgers and sandwiches inside the kitchen at the comfort of your home. The Wonderchef 1000W Electric Tandoor is a portable and lightweight grilling appliance that is fairly easy to use and correspondingly effortless to store inside the cabinet.

Best Electric Tandoor

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Why we recommend it

  • Helps you serve the tasty sandwiches in a breeze
  • A top-quality electric tandoor for grilling toasties
  • Comes equipped with a transparent bun warmer
  • Offers the non-stick grilling plates for healthy cooking
  • Comprises the cook & ready indicator lights for ease
  • Provides a detachable oil tray to remove extra oil

WellBerg Micro Combo Electric Tandoor

Wellberg is a shockproof electric tandoor light-in-weight, heating element. It is a highly durable product. It is powered by 2000W and it takes 2 units per hour. It is ideal for grilling, roasting, toasting, and baking. You can easily make paneer tikka, chicken, tandoori roti, paratha, cake, muffins, aloo tikka, roti, and so many other tandoori items. Explore your love for cooking, and enjoy your food like anything.

best electric tandoor

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Why we recommend it

  • Shockproof, fitted with extra safe heating elements, lightweight and elegant looking, aluminum tray electric tandoor in india2 years of manufacturer
  • heating element product is shockproof and entirely durable
  • Power supply 2000watt, it takes 2 unit per hours size: 14-inches, black easy to operate and clean
  • Ideal for: grilling, roasting, toasting and baking ” you make in paneer tikka, chicken, tandoori roti, paratha, cake, muffins, aloo tikka, roti, and so many other tandoori items
  • Auxiliary equipment: 1 grill, 1 magic cloth, 4 skewers, 1 glove, 1 pizza cutter, and 1 recipe book
  • The international brand made in India

Future Home Electric Tandoor with Automatic Timer & Heat Controller

This model is carefully designed with a 3 mode heat controller that most carefully cooks your food in the right way top to bottom so it is never over or under heated. Enjoy your favorite show on the TV and when your food is ready the tandoor will switch off itself and let you know.

best electric tandoor

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Why we recommend it

  • Buy From Authorized Seller “FLUX.” Only, “Future Home Electric Tandoor With Automatic Timer & Heat Controller”, Is Not Sold By And Other Seller Online,
  • 3 Year Warranty: Future Home's All-Electric Tandoor Come With 3 Year Warranty, so rest assured because you buying the highest quality in India.
  • Dual Control: Future Home's Electric Tandoor Comes Dual heat control and time control
  • This tandoor is fitted with stainless steel heating element which has a life of 10 Years, blast-proof, corrosion-proof, suitable for use for continuous hours.
  • timer: we know that you have much more to do then just sit in front of the tandoor in the kitchen, that’s why future home electric tandoor comes with a timer, so leave your food to be cooked,
  • Enjoy your favorite show on the TV and when your food is ready the tandoor will switch off itself and let you know.
  • Our electric tandoor is carefully designed with a 3 mode heat controller that most carefully cooks your food in the right way top to bottom so it is never over or under heated

Inditradition 1200-Watt Electric Smokeless Grill and Tandoor Barbecue

Powered by 1200W, it has a non-stick cooking pan that comes with a package that helps you eases your cooking at any time. It comes with heat seating capability and adjustable temperature control. Explore your love for cooking and ease you’re cooking at any given time and place.

best electric tandoor

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Why we recommend it

  • Extra-large drip tray, removable hood, plate, and drip tray are dishwasher safe
  • It has a non-stick cooking pan that comes with the package in which it eases your cooking at anytime
  • High heat searing capability, adjustable temperature control
  • Warranty: 1 month on the product
  • Power: 1200 watts


Mini Chef powered by 2000W, hygienic, non-magnetic and heating elements. It is ideal for tandoori and grilled items. It is toughened with glass. It is one of the most elegant looking electric tandoor in the list.

best electric tandoor

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Why we recommend it

  • Power: 2000 W, Lightweight and elegant looking
  • Power Supply: 230 V 50 Hz, Shock Proof
  • Toughened Glass Windows
  • Hygienic, Non-magnetic heating elements
  • Ideal for Tandoori and Grilled items

Personal Recommendation

best electric tandoor

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Being smart consumers never ever compromise the quality of kitchen appliances like electric tandoor you buy because of the money. Appreciated Toaster is effortlessly obtainable on the Internet if you’re on a budget. If you are having a hard time finding one, we have identified a good option for you Mini Chef Electric Tandoor 2000 W electric tandoor is a worthwhile, performance oriented and a reasonable product. It is also tough and has a well-engineered design that will help you offer great electric tandoor for years to come.

Electric Tandoor – Buyer’s Guide

Whilst purchasing an electric tandoor, it might become obscure since the market has been surrounded by a wide diversity of choices. Thus, prior you get confused when hitting the market; make sure that you keep the below-discussed thing in mind:


You require analyzing your needs first. Subsequently, you have to perceive which product is going to conform to virtually every single requirement of yours inside your planned budget. A few of the significant features comprise nonstick grilling, thermostat, nonstick coating, glass grill, shockproof cooking, oil collection groove, recipe book, etc.


Another thing to consider when buying an electric tandoor is how it gets opened. A few models offer 180-degree opening, which is going to permit the user to effortlessly access the inner section to simply take out and place the food inside the tandoor. This moreover streamlines the clean-up procedure after being used. It is always better to have a look at the tandoor that comprises a floating pivot, which facilitates persistent cooking, particularly thick foodstuffs.


Several brands are offering an electric tandoor in the market. It is always sensible to choose the brand that is quite prevalent since it is going to offer a decent level of customer service after you purchase it in place of depending on the latest brands that have flooded the marketplace.

Affordable Price

The most remarkable electric tandoors would be available in the price ranging from 3000 – 5000INR. Do not get mistaken when you visit the market since the market has been filled with the frauds that are on an endless search and in anticipation to burn a hole in the customer’s pocket.

Power Consumption

Different electric tandoor models on the market are equipped with different power capacities. A majority of electric tandoors offer a power capacity of 800W and move up to 1200W. An electric tandoor offering a superior power range is going to deliver faster cooking but is going to inflict higher electricity bills. You require finding the model that would conform to your requirements and the one offering ideal efficiency.


An electric tandoor’s capacity relies on the quantity of food you desire to cook on an average. It moreover hinges on the size of your family. Thus, you should analyze your requirements and purchase the model that matches your distinct preferences since the market has been flooded with diverse sizes of tandoor to match your requirements.


This feature is pretty important and requires being deliberated whilst you purchase an electric tandoor. You have to search for a product, which has a manufacturer’s warranty on offer that must be no less than a year. Purchase a product from a brand that has long been in the market and offers a decent warranty period so you won’t regret your purchase afterward if it turns out to be faulty.


You require looking for an electric tandoor that isn’t very hefty and may be easily transported wherever you desire. It must moreover take up lesser space o the kitchen’s countertop as you would not want to cram up your working area with a variety of products.

What are the Different Kinds of Features Offered by an Electric Tandoor?

Relying on the electric tandoor brand you choose, you might get a few or even every feature this kitchen appliance comprises:

Oil Collection Groove

A few electric tandoors comprise a groove that facilitates the collection of oil and avoids any sort of oil wastage. This is an outstanding feature for all the people who are cost-sensible.


This is going to assist in setting an appropriate temperature when cooking food in your electric tandoor. A few models are equipped with a 10-level thermostat, which signifies that you may fix the temperature at 10 distinct heat settings. This is going to permit the user to prepare different food items easily.

180-Degree Opening

This feature permits you to utilize the electric tandoor from both sides whenever required. You might be able to access the interior section of the tandoor easily and it moreover facilitates effortless cleaning.

Floating Hinge

A floating hinge would help you to utilize and open the tandoor effortlessly. Floating hinges make sure that the thick food items are being cooked uniformly such as fish, chicken, and pizza.

Non-Stick Coating

The non-stick coating makes sure that the food does not get stuck to the electric tandoor and thereby diminishing the wastage. All the electric tandoors that come with a non-stick coating are pretty easy to clean.

Glass Grill

A few models are going to permit the user to cook tandoori items over a glass cooktop, similar to a standard gas cooktop. In this manner, you would not need to worry about sliding the food items inside the oven.

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