Top 5 Best Sewing Machines in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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The everyday life of a homemaker might be tedious and exhausting but a majority of them at times are pretty bored being at home when there isn’t any work to do. Hence, every woman does have a hobby that she likes doing in her free time, and that is sewing. A majority of them like doing a lot of DIY stuff at home and one of them is the stitching and sewing jobs. Therefore, today we have composed this article especially for every woman who loves stitching.

Today, we have listed down the Best Sewing Machines on the market, which are going to help every single homemaker to give an edge to their favored DIY skills. The sewing machine brands that we have listed down in our listing are all very prevalent and provide the best specifications.

In India, people generally call it the Silai Machine or tailoring machine when they desire to buy one. So, go through our detailed reviews given below and find the best stitching machine according to your needs or requirements for the finest results. Besides, we have also discussed all the necessary features and aspects associated with sewing machines in the Buying Guide section, which would surely help you choose the option that would cover all your needs and preferences.

Best Sewing Machines in India – Reviews

Brother FS 101 Computerized Sewing Machine

For the love of stitching, here is the Brother FS101 sewing machine comprises of the 100 innovative inbuilt utility stitches, heirloom, decorative, and quilting stitches to make stitching really easy and interesting. Furthermore, it incorporates 55 alphanumeric stitches to make a monogram and 8 kinds of single-step buttonholes. Also, to make the process easier and convenient, it has the STOP/START button and a convenient Speed Control feature. Creativeness and diversity are practically boundless owing to the inbuilt free arm for stitching on the tough to reach zones such as sleeves and the cuffs.

best sewing machine

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Provides with the suitability being a computerized sewing machine
  • Offers 100 distinct built-in stitches and 55 alphanumeric stitches
  • Makes it easier to make precise buttonholes on different garments
  • Comes with an inbuilt needle threader so that it doesn’t take time
  • Comprises of a start-stop button and a stress-free speed control

Creativevia 12 Built-In Stitch Electric Sewing Machine

Do you want to buy a budget stitching machine for use at home? This electric sewing machine from Creativevia is a high-quality, multi-purpose, domestic usage tailoring machine, which is going to help your sewing aptitude to prepare magnificent clothes. You might be able to explore your creativity even more and make improvements every single time you have the machine in front of you. It is really helpful as far as the minor customary stitching requirements as well. In addition, with the 12 distinct inbuilt stitching patterns, guarantee multipurpose stitching. Notice swiftness, and effectiveness in your sewing hobby at its very best.

best sewing machine

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • An appropriate multi-functional home use sewing machine
  • Helps you explore your creativity and make innovations
  • Provides you with versatile stitches with 12 inbuilt stitches
  • Comes with the lock stitch, top and bottom threading tool
  • Offers both hand switch or foot pedal to start the machine

Singer Promise 1408 Sewing Machine

For all those who want a compact yet powerful sewing machine, the SINGER PROMISE is going to provide you with the same. This sewing machine incorporates all the elementary features you require creating almost any sort of project. From the plain to those decorative stitches, this stitching machine comprises of a modest stitch range, automatic buttonhole, and the built-in darning plate that permits your imagination to turn into certainty. Owing to the easy threading function and a programmed bobbin winder, the overall set-up procedure is a breeze.

best sewing machine

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Comprises of the handy 8 built-in stitches for convenience
  • Escorts you over every single step towards professional results
  • Offers the easy threading function that saves a lot of time
  • Crafted out of heavy-duty metal to keep the machine steady
  • Expands the sewing possibilities owing to the snap-on presser feet

Usha Janome Wonder Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine

Generate delightful, freehand cross-stitch designs through the drop feed instrument of the Usha Janome Wonder Stitch tailoring machine to renovate your project into a stroke of genius. Modify your preferred ornamental stitches using the incorporated adaptable width dial. Make use of its blind hem foot to conclude those ends of the clothes, for instance, Kurti slits, saree falls, skirt hemlines, and several other garments. Usha Janome Wonder Stitch’s progressive features like the single-step buttonhole and thread cutter provided on the face-plate turn your sewing capability free of any sort of hassle.

best sewing machine

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • An outstanding free arm automatic zigzag stitching machine
  • Comprises of 13 inbuilt stitches comprising of buttonholing
  • The sewing machine is light in weight for easy carrying
  • Being a free arm machine, it allows for circular stitching with ease
  • Covered by a 2-years manufacturer’s warranty over the defects

USHA Janome Dream Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine

For the students pursuing fashion designing and other related courses, the Usha Dream Stitch stitching machine is the most reliable and appropriate option. This sewing machine comprises of 4-step buttonholing capability, so you might be able to rapidly stitch up buttons on dresses, shirts, and coats. Additionally, the dial option is there to choose the preferred pattern. The auto tripping bobbin makes sure that the thread is appropriately looped about the bobbin while you start stitching. It is really light in weight and comprises a handle so that you are easily able to carry it wherever you want.

best sewing machine

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Why Do We Recommend This:

  • A compact and lightweight free arm zigzag sewing machine
  • Comes with a carrying handle to take it from one place to another
  • Comprises of a color-coded functional faceplate and two dials
  • The automatic needle threading helps you in saving a lot of time
  • Covered by a 2-years manufacturer’s warranty for any sort of defects

Sewing Machine Buying Guide

What are the Aspects to Consider Whilst Buying a Sewing Machine?


A bobbin is a minor spool, either made up of plastic or metal, for housing the thread in the lower compartment– 2 threads are required to create a stitch. Thread requires being curled over the bobbin initially and then fixed inside the bobbin case below that needle plate. This thread is going to make the under-stitch. The stitching thread that is served out of the upper spool towards the needle makes the topstitch.

A few machines are automatically going to top-up the bobbin deprived of you requiring unthreading the machine. The see-through bobbin covers are convenient so that you can verify the amount of bottom thread that is left– beneficial when you are on the point of starting a lengthy seam or sophisticated top sewing.


A majority of stitching machines possess 1 or 4 step buttonholes. Having the more elementary machines you fix up the control for every single buttonhole step, whereas if you make use of a computerized model, it is going to perform this within a single step without any requirement to turn the clothing around midway over the buttonhole. The buttonhole size might as well be automated into the stitching machine’s memory to attain a sequence of matching holes. Numerous types of buttonholes are offered, such as having round or square ends.

Feed Dog

The feed dogs are the metallic teeth provided below the needle plate that move the cloth through the stitching machine as the needle sews.  This might as well be disabled (drop feed-dog); convenient whilst you possess a pretty thick material that you require pushing through manually, or whilst performing intricate embroidery stitch-up.

Knee Lifter

Just a handful of stitching machines offer this functionality, it permits the user to keep the presser foot up and drop the feed dog using your knee instead of hands. Appropriate for those free-hand embroideries whilst you require having your hands free to move the cloth as needed.

Lock Stitch Facility

This locks the thread at the start and finish of sewing to avert it from unraveling.

Needle Plate

This sits inside the sewing bed casing the bobbin holder and the feed dog. It comprises a hole for the needle to move across as well as the ruler marks to assist you in stitching the clothes consistently and unswervingly.

Presser Foot

This grasps the cloth steadily below the needle and alongside the feed dog. The diversely fashioned feet are also accessible for different jobs, like implanting zips, hems, and buttonholes.

Sewing Bed

It is the primary sewing area below the needle and the presser foot. It has been crafted having an extension table along with a free arm. The free arm is the spreading arm left as soon as the extension table is detached. It is ultimate for stitching minor or tube-shaped items for instance trousers and sleeves. The extension table is pretty useful whilst you stitch the bigger items for example curtains.

Spool Holder

The spool holder comprises of the pins given above the stitching machine, which houses the rolls of the thread that makes the topstitch. It is pretty valuable to possess 2 spool holders in case you are stitching with 2 threads at the same time.

Stitch Selector

These are the dials that permit you to choose the type of stitch along with its length and width. These might as well be set previously. The computerized stitching machines provide you with the touchpad selection feature.

Twin Needle

This offers the handiness to generate 2 corresponding rows of sewing for a tougher seam, or in case you desire to utilize 2 colors or types of thread.

Personal Suggestion

Since we have now done and dusted with the overall review process, it might be really easy for our customers or users to choose from the above-described sewing machines. The sole purpose of providing you this comprehensive and detailed review was to make you take the best decision whilst you want to buy a stitching machine from the market. These sewing machines are going to help you in getting the perfect stitch and make innovations to get the best results for any sort of project.

best sewing machine

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But, if even after going through our sewing machine reviews, there is any user who is finding it tough to choose the ideal sewing machine according to your needs and requirements, they must go with our personally suggested product for sure. The sewing machine that we are going to recommend to our customers is the Usha Janome Wonder Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine, which provides you with all the features and specifications that one wants in a stitching machine.

The Usha Janome Wonder Stitch comes in with the free arm for circular stitching, an inbuilt motor, needle threader, light with switch. With the 13 built-in stitches counting buttonholing and the 21 stitching functions or applications, the Usha Janome Wonder Stitch provides you with the capabilities that you won’t find in any other stitching machine in this price range.

Sewing Machine – Usage

The sewing machines or silai machines might be utilized for a diversity of tasks. Plenty of different individuals utilize it at their home for several reasons. A few such tasks have been stated here to assist you in making the finest use of the sewing machine.

Sewing Machine for Beginners

The individuals that train to design are the beginners who require practicing the fundamentals and other arrangements of stitching by themselves to shine in their field. Consequently, it turns out to be crucial that trainees take appropriate care whilst purchasing a sewing machine, and select a decent product on the ground of features and price.

Several sewing machines are available on the market with diverse prices in line with the variance in the features. Diverse types of sewing techniques necessitate different types of sewing machines. Beginners customarily want to have the mini sewing machines or a sewing machine that is priced reasonably.

Sewing Machines for Home

Sewing machines are pretty valuable when used for the home tasks where you would like to perform reparations of the old clothes, or anything to get done for the home decor, and modifying your old garments if necessary. The stitching machines aren’t solely a decent product for crafting clothes and thus come under the crucial tools listing as far as your home is concerned.
Stitching is a pretty common hobby that Indian women pursue, which makes a sewing machine all the more necessary for them. These machines might as well be utilized to craft ingenious DIYs for your home and any other project. They incline to save both human effort and time altogether. From the kinds of sewing machines available on the market, you need to select the kind that is going to suit your style of stitching for getting projects or tasks done easily.

Our Precise Suggestions

In case you are an apprentice, opt for those easy threading machines.

Search for an assortment of stitches and a variety of stitch lengths and widths that matches the tasks you are almost certainly performing. Color-implicit switches help in selecting the stitch on the simple stitching machines.

Try to find a decent assortment of accessories, for example, presser feet to make buttonholes, zips, over-casting, hemming, that are stress-free to clip or push on. Several are accessible like the discretionary extras, for an instance walking feet for stitching challenging fabrics such as velvet, which slinks, and pure fabrics that slide. A Teflon-crusted foot or the walking foot is going to feed the bottom and top coats of your cloth through the sewing machine together, eradicating this glitch.

In case you are an intense dressmaker, a piece of worthy buttonhole machinery is needed.

Verify whether the sewing machine comes with a decent height of the presser-foot pedal, this provides a slight additional space to go well with large fabric or hold profuse seams.

A variety of needle positions makes sure that the needle might be replaced with numerous positions for square stitching, topstitching, stretch stitching, etc.

The needle Stop Up/Down is a worthwhile feature in case you perform cross-stitch and appliqué fabric.

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