Top 5 Best Single Door Refrigerators in India 2019 – Complete Buying Guide

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With the staggering amount of options available on the market finding a budget refrigerator could be taxing. Nowadays, there are so many technologies which offer multiple benefits in different shapes and sizes. We understand refrigerator has become an important part of our daily lives and it’s a must-have kitchen appliance in any modern day kitchen.

No wonder refrigerators come in different shapes, sizes, and types, but one of the prominent and extensively-used types is the single-door refrigerators. This type is measured as one of the reasonable and feature-rich, which is idyllic for a small family.

But every time, you try to go to big stores or multi-brand retails, you get overwhelmed with the sheer numbers of options accessible in this segment. So to make it easier for you, here is the list of top 5 refrigerators you can ponder buying right now.

Best Single Door Refrigerators in India – Reviews

Haier 195 L 4 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator 

Haier is one the most best-selling single door refrigerator in India. With almost 80% positive feedback from the user, it is one the most widely used refrigerator available on the market. It is cost-effective and is highly efficient in serving efficiency and high power along with unique cooling solutions.

This brand is known to offer unique features comprising a brushed silver quality that gives it an urbane appearance. However the interiors are capacious, the freezer is found to be small and will fit only about 1-1.5 kg of fish or meat. The toughened glass submits are height bendable. The middle door rack fits 2-liter bottles comfortably, while the lower rack can fit smaller half liter bottles and sauces. The top LED light makes sure that all racks get constant lighting.

best single door refrigerator

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Why we recommend it

  • Capacity 195 L: Suitable for families with 2 to 3 members
  • Energy Rating: 4 Star, Stabilizer Free Operation
  • The cooling pad that retains freezer temperature for up to 10 hours
  • High energy efficiency consuming least units of electricity in the segment.
  • It comes with innovative 1-hour icing technology brings down freezer temperature to -5 degree Celsius in 60minutes

LG 190 L 4 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Add a modern, sophisticated statement to your kitchen with this Single Door Refrigerator from LG.

It uses smart inverter compressor technology that makes the sure optimal level of cooling is preserved all time. And if that wasn’t enough, the vegetable box comes with a lattice-shaped lid that recollects the dampness that is vanished from the vegetables to uphold a right level of moisture inside the crisper. The best part is that it’s highly energy efficient and saves a lot of your hard-earned money.

The smart inverter compressor is found to be very beneficial in saving energy as the fridge-freezer uses just enough power to continue optimum cooling in the refrigerator. This helps in lessening power ingesting to just 164 units per year. The smart inverter compressor ensures optimum cooling and energy savings. The moisture balancing crisper aspect maintains the right level of humidity for fresh vegetables.

single door refrigerator

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Why we recommend it

  • The LG’s direct cool single door fridge is economical, requires manual defrosting
  • Capacity 190 L: Appropriate for families with 2 to 3 members & durable
  • It comes with Energy Rating: 4 Star, Inverter Compressor: Energy efficient, less noise
  • It is available with stabilizer free operation, one year warranty
  • Vegetable Basket: 12.2 liters; Handle Type: Ariana; Shelf Type: Transparent glass; Freezer Door: Transparent; Tray Ice (No./Rows): 2/2, moist balance crisper, Base stand with drawer

Whirlpool 190 L 3 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

This is currently our best-selling single door refrigerators of all and is the perfect solution for those looking for a high Refrigerator that will work noise free for a year to come. Whirlpool is one of the best and most used homes and kitchen appliances available on the market. Add a dash of the glam quotient with this nice looking and performance oriented single door refrigerator.

single door refrigerator

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Why we recommend it

  • The environment-friendly operation, Quick chill technology, Spacious interiors
  • Shelf Type: Toughened Glass to withstand the weight of heaviest vessels, one year warranty
  • Stabilizer Free Operation, Energy Rating: 3 Star, easy on utility bills, simple to use
  • Capacity 190 L: Suitable for families with 2 to 3 members, ideal for small family size
  • Direct Cool Single Door: Economical, requires manual defrosting

Samsung 192 L 5 Star Direct-cool Single Door Refrigerator 

Even this we’ve other Whirlpool models that offer more energy efficiency but still, this one catches the attention, and for obvious reasons. It is cost-effective and offers highest cooling efficiency which means easy on the pocket and great on performance which ultimately impacts the health and fitness of the user.

single door refrigerator

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Why we recommend it

  • Fast cooling and best in class cooling retention of 12 hours in case of power failure
  • Moisture control vent in the crisper to adjust the humidity level
  • The refrigerator uses 6th sense power cool technology and insulated capillary technology for improving its cooling efficiency.
  • Best in class cooling efficiency, consistent temperature, user-friendly and simple to use
  • One year warranty on the product, best after sale services, best product available on the market

Godrej 182 L 2 Star Direct-Cool Single-Door Refrigerator

Now you can enjoy the top-quality performance with this premium Single-Door Refrigerator by Godrej. This brand is oldest and one of the most talked about brand in the name and sphere of the home and kitchen appliances. It requires no installation, simple to use and saves a lot of time without getting installation process. It is ideal for small families and is easy on utility bills with energy efficiency features.

best single door refrigerator

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Why we recommend it

  • Direct Cool Single Door: Economical, requires manual defrosting
  • Capacity 182 L: Suitable for families with 2 to 3 members
  • Energy Rating: 2 Star, easy on utility bills and environment-friendly
  • The product comes with one year warranty on product and 5 years warranty on compressor
  • Shelf Type: Toughened Glass to withstand the weight of heaviest vessels
  • It comes with other unique features including Jumbo vegetable basket, Low starting voltage, 2.5 L aqua space indoor shelf,5 chiller tray capacity

A single door refrigerator type is one of the best choices for a bachelor or a small family with 2-3 members. It is budget friendly, it is best in terms of energy efficiency. Though, on the flip side, it needs to be frequently defrosted and lack the cooling efficiency of a double door refrigerator.

The market today is flooded with most modern refrigerators that are rich in features and with eye-catchy designs making it difficult for a customer to round up to a single choice. That is why we have gone through various models of refrigerators and shortlisted few of the best models that you could consider as your next refrigerator.

Today refrigerators are considered necessity more than a luxury. It’s one of the most necessary appliances in any modern day kitchen. You can’t even imagine of living a day without refrigerator especially when summer season has kicked in.

Refrigerator aids you get chilled water and ice cubes for your summer drinks to keep you fresh and calm during the sweltering hot season. You can store perishable items like fruits and vegetables to keep their nutrients and freshness intact.  Consuming fresh and nutrients rich food is the surest way to keep your health and fitness at par. You can store ice creams and desserts as well.

Currently, markets are flooded with a staggering amount of refrigerator options with multiple features and pricing. We understand how overwhelming it’s select one refrigerator that fits the bill.

Single Door Refrigerators Buyer's Guide

This list is made after cautious analysis on all the facets of storage, capacity, budget, interiors and more. Consequently, all you need is to grab a cup of a coffee and bookmark this post as you might read it over and over before making any purchasing decision. You’ll find everything that you need to know about single door refrigerators in this post.

After reading this post, selecting refrigerators will feel like a cake walk. As we’re going to review top ten best refrigerators available in India right now. This list includes products from all top brands from Whirlpool to Samsung and everything in between.

But before getting into the list let’s talk a bit about types of refrigerators, and facets that you need to know before making any purchasing decision.

Types of Refrigerators

There are mainly 5 types of refrigerators:

  • Single Door Refrigerator

Single door refrigerators come with a single door up front, which saves the cold ambiance within sealed. These are one of the most basic kinds of refrigerators. These are appropriate for individuals, couples and small families. The freezer and vegetable box is available inside the refrigerator itself. Almost every household has used this type of refrigerator. They are cost-effective and cater the need of consumers quite well. These are most widely use, cost-effective and an ideal form for family use.

  • Double Door Refrigerator

These refrigerators are bigger in size as compared to single door refrigerators. And, at the same time, they have double doors up front. One door covers the compartment of the fridge while another door covers the freezer compartment. Subsequently, there are 2 separate doors; probabilities of heat outflow remains low, irrespective of how many times the fridges is opened. These fridges are ideal for bigger family sizes of 4-5 members.

  • Triple Door Refrigerator

 The third type of refrigerators namely triple door refrigerators comes with three doors- one door for the refrigerator section, one for the vegetable section and another for the freezer compartment. Odor mixing is evaded totally as the three compartments are distinct. Some triple door refrigerators come with automatic ice dispensers.

  • Side by Side Door Refrigerator

These type of refrigerators looks like cupboards with two doors opening side by side. These types come with large facilities and may feature ice and water dispenser. These refrigerators with water points help in filing the glass deprived of the need to open any door. Though their cupboard like design gives sufficient space for storage, the opening of each door covers heat outflow from only half the refrigerator, therefore saving on energy feasting.

  • Bottom Mounted Refrigerator

These types of fridge-freezers have a converse design than normal refrigerators. In these refrigerators, the fridge unit is on the upper side and freezer section is on the bottommost. For the consumers, this means that they don’t have to curve every time they want to take out raw fruits and vegetables and additional fresh food items.

Personal Recommendation

best single door refrigerator

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I hope with the post above now it’s easy for you to choose Single Door Refrigerator for your kitchen space and still if you’re confused or looking for the second opinion then go with Haier 195 L 4 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator. It has 4.2-star ratings on the Amazon and all great features that make the product a total value for money. Mark our words you'll not regret buying this Single Door Refrigerator ever. This unique part of this model it comes with ultimate safety features which are good for your home safety. Like we said, when it comes to our safety we want nothing but the best and Haier 195 L 4 Star Refrigerator is the best.

Why Should One Purchase a Refrigerator?

In case you are concerned about a healthy diet, your body needs fresh fruits, veggies, and drinks such as fresh juice and milk. At times, our hectic schedule gutters our entire energy; hence, it becomes pretty tough to get the time to shop for these food products on a regular basis. This is where the refrigerators come into play and have a real significance. This is a kind of home appliance which assists in conserving the overall freshness and the nutritional value of the products you store inside it for cooling.

It moreover delivers chilled water whilst you come home tired as well as wines whenever you get the time for fun. You might as well store the food items which are previously cooked so as to make them fit to eat for the subsequent day and moreover keep medicines inside the storage for an extensive time period. The fridge has turned out to be the supreme requirement of individuals in everyday life.

This buying guide to find an appropriate refrigerator is going to state every single detail regarding the fundamental features that refrigerators have on offer; organize them conferring to the groupings in line with their general design and directed end-users and is going to thereby assist you in choosing a high-quality refrigerator to conform to your needs and requirements. You would moreover require being conscious of some accessories that you must purchase in addition to the refrigerator.

What are the Tips & Tricks to Choose the Best Refrigerator?

To facilitate a quicker and effective purchasing process, we have provided a few tips as to how you can go about choosing the refrigerator according to your preferences:

Consider Eating Habits

The people who are vegans must ponder on having additional space or capacity inside the refrigerator in spite of the freezer (80:20 ration would be ideal). The people who prefer eating meat need to have more space inside the freezer. Therefore, it is sensible if they go for the 70:30 proportions.

Opt for a 5-Star Rating Model

It might seem costly at first but you are going to save plenty of money in terms of power savings. Further, they are pretty environment-friendly as well.

Do Not Overload your Fridge

If you overstuff your refrigerator, it is going to have a negative impact on productivity. Simultaneously, keeping the fridge would also not do any good to you. Thus, the buyer should choose for an appropriate size as per the usage. The smaller households may opt to purchase a compact refrigerator. In place of utilizing it like a prize possession, choose the one that offers superior utility.

Choose the Frost-Free Refrigerator

The frost-free refrigerators might be pricier and the consumption of electricity might go up too. On the other hand, they are going to more than make up by helping you redeem the labor and time that you would invest in getting rid of the accumulated frost. The gathering of frost might mutilate the evaporator and condenser coils; hence, swelling up the load to handle for the compressor.

Inbuilt Stabilizer

These days, there are refrigerators available on the market that comprises an inbuilt stabilizer. It is good to choose these models particularly in the regions that experience recurrent voltage fluctuations.

What are the Features to Look for While Buying a Refrigerator?

Refrigerators come with numerous features in diverse arrangements:

  • The shelves inside the refrigerator might be acrylic, wired, or tempered glass kind. The shelves that are made up of tempered glass shelves are commonly the finest.
  • Water and ice dispensers are a feature primarily existing in the side-by-side refrigerator doors utilized to fill up the glasses having cold water deprived of getting the doors of the fridge opened.
  • The quick-freeze sections or chillers are for the people who require ice often and in a short period of time
  • The separators are going to help in organizing the veggies and fruits in the distinct boxes
  • The deodorizers would help in keeping the food fresh for an extensive period of time
  • Checking needs to be done for the level of noise for any type of vibrating sounds
  • The child locks feature is there to avoid kids from opening the door of the refrigerator without any reason
  • The moisture controller is really vital to keep the veggies fresh and eatable

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