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Voltage fluctuations and frequent power cuts
are common in Indian households. Here’s why we've listed the top 10 voltage
stabilizers for ACs, inverter and washing machines that you can buy online
easily without any hassles. Voltage stabilizer helps you prevent damage that
happens with voltage fluctuations. It's highly important that you smartly
choose the right one for yourself and your household. There is no best time than
ever to invest in the one since summers have kicked in.

A voltage stabilizer is a device that,
starting from the mains voltage, allows maintaining a stabilized supply
voltage, even when the input voltage is higher or lower of normal.

Apart from the technology, which we will see
below, there are two parameters that best define a stabilizer: its power and
its precision:

  • Maximum power: is the maximum power value that can be consumed by the equipment that is connected to the stabilizer. Depending on the technology of the stabilizer, it is possible that we can exceed this value on time. In any case, the real sustained power of the connected equipment must be less than this value.
  • Accuracy: the accuracy with which the output voltage stabilizes. It is usually expressed as a percentage (+ -5%), so that the lower the percentage, the better the approximation of the output voltage to the nominal value (usual).


Not all voltage stabilizers work in the same
way. According to its technology, its main characteristics will be different:

  • Electronic Stabilizers or AVR (Automatic Voltage
    Regulator). They are based on the use of an autotransformer with several
    work points between which it switches according to the input voltage. Its
    principle is the same as that of the stabilizer that assembles an in-line
    UPS. They usually have three working modes: normal (the output voltage is
    the same as that of the input), boost (when the input voltage is low, the
    output voltage is increased) and buck (when the input voltage is high, the
    output voltage is reduced). They are the most economical and their
    accuracy is low; typically around 10-12%. Their response times are fast
    (less than 20ms) and by using an autotransformer they have the added
    benefit of filtering medium and high-frequency noise, as well as trimming
    transient surges.
  • Electromechanical stabilizers. They are based on the
    use of a continuously variable autotransformer on which a brush driven by
    a servomotor is positioned. Its accuracy is much greater than that of an
    electronic stabilizer, with its typical value being less than 4%. Its
    speed of response is slower and depends on the speed of the servomotor,
    which will respond faster to small variations and more slowly to large
    variations in the input voltage. Like electronic stabilizers, they filter
    noise and trim transient peaks.
  • Solid state stabilizers. Unlike their cousin’s
    electronic stabilizers, they use TRIAC to make commutations and usually
    employ a greater number of work points. By not using mobile parts they are
    more reliable, although less robust when their maximum power is exceeded.
  • Ferro resonant stabilizers. They use a saturation
    transformer as a means to regulate the voltage. Thanks to the magnetic
    saturation property, these stabilizers are based on a resonant circuit
    that produces a very constant average output voltage. This type of
    stabilizers is very interesting because they have no active components or
    moving parts. They are the most robust and accurate. They also provide
    galvanic isolation between the entrance and the exit. In addition to a
    higher cost, its main drawbacks lie in its size, emission of an audible
    buzz and great heat dissipation. Their efficiency oscillates around 90%
    when they are used with high loads, but can be less than 60% with low
    loads. Due to the aforementioned characteristics, they are more typical of
    industrial environments than of homes or offices.

Why Stabilizer for your AC?

When it comes to the functioning, AC is quite intricate and requires constant power for the compressor and PCB modules at the same time. These modules are highly sensitive to voltage function. Roughly these components work perfectly between the 170V-270V range. Beyond this range, any voltage supply is significant damage to the quality of the compressor and PCB which are expensive.

V Guard VWI 400 2850-Watt AC Stabilizer (White)

V Guard stabilizers come with state of the art technologies such as ITDS (intelligent time delay system) that offers dependable protection to your ac, an intelligent digital display system that delivers peace of mind, overload protection to safeguard ac during turbulent times, etc. What’s more, our sleek and freshly designed stabilizers will look serener than your ac and bring value to the upscale interior of your home.

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Why we recommend it

  • Intelligent Time Delay System
  • Working range-130V to 280V- Maximum output up to 240V
  • Compatible with Regular & Inverter AC
  • Low & High Voltage Cut-off Protection
  • Wall Mounting Cabinet Design/ Warranty- 3 Years

V-Guard VDI 400 Voltage Stabilizer (White)

India’s No. 1 Stabilizers come with state-of-the-art technology to provide reliable protection to your home appliances and electronic items. With a smart digital display system, overload protection and a host of other features, it provides a peace of mind, even during turbulent times. These sleek and innovatively-designed stabilizers are here to add value and upscale the interior of your home.

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Why we recommend it

  • V-Guard VDI 400 Voltage Stabilizer for 1.5 Ton Air
  • Intelligent time delay system – protects the compressor
    in the air conditioners from adverse effects of frequent power failure and
    unpredictable voltage variation by as long as proper balancing time.
  • Low and high voltage cut-off protection – separates the
    air conditioner from possibly hazardous voltages that can enduringly
    damage the device.
  • Built-in thermal overload protection – devoted sensors
    defends the stabilizer and air conditioners from high-temperature
    exhaustion during overload conditions
  • Wall mounting cabinet design – an eye-catching cabinet
    that flawlessly blends with house interiors, fashionable new display and
    easy to install.
  • Warranty: 3-year warranty provided by the manufacturer
    from the date of purchase.

V-Guard VG 500 Voltage Stabilizer for AC up to 2 Ton (170 -270 V) (Grey)

To keep your air conditioner from damage due to power outages and power gushes, you must the V-Guard VG 500 Voltage Stabilizer. This voltage stabilizer has been exactly intended for ACs and can be easily mounted on the wall to ensure that it isn't a hassle. Furthermore, the V-Guard Voltage Stabilizer for Air Conditioner is attuned with Air Conditioners that are up to two tonnes in size, making sure that it can keep most air conditioners that you use. The V-Guard VG 500 AC Stabilizer offers protection from both under volt in addition to overvolt situations, making sure that your AC is never affected and can keep serving you for years to come.

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Why we recommend it

  • The V Guard AC voltage stabilizer has been built using
    the latest in IC technology, allowing you to never have to worry about the
    safety of your air conditioner. As a voltage stabilizer, it also has an
    intelligent time delay system that adds to the protection of your machine.
  • The V Guard VG 500 AV Voltage Stabilizer incorporates
    built-in thermal overload protection making sure that you can sleep next
    to your family or work with your colleagues in peace without worrying
    about a fire. So, if you wish to extend the life of your AC, it's time to
    bring home the V-Guard VG 500 AC Stabilizer.
  • Compatible with up to two-tonne air conditioners. Easy
    to Install Wall Mount Design. Newest IC Technology. High voltage and Low
    Voltage Cut-Off System.

V-Guard Tv Stabilizer Mini Crystal Supreme (1.3 Amps) For 32 Inch Television (Black)

V Guard TV Stabilizer Mini Crystal Supreme is particularly intended to protect your television from short circuits. With two outlets, it can also be used for guarding and upkeep your personal computer, laptop, printer, scanner, router, phone, fax, modem, lamp or any other home/office electronics from hazardous power surges, spikes & line noise. With a physically replaceable fuse, the V Guard Supreme protects the connected devices from the overload of current flow caused due to an unparalleled short circuit in the linked power load.

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Why we recommend it

  • The V Guard Mini Crystal Supreme comes with a
    user-friendly LED status signal to prove the input and output performance.
    The input LED will glow when the device is powered up.
  • The output LED will let you know the mode of operation
    at a peep.
  • The stabilizer has a compressed and stylish design and
    can be suitably mounted on the wall and also on the floor. Install the
    stabilizer and keep your classy appliances safe from startling power

V-Guard Stabilizer Crystal Plus (3 Am-pier) for LED/3D/Smart TV Up to 47 Inch

The V-Guard CRYSTAL PLUS SMART comes in a sleek cabinet with wall mounting option so that you don’t worry about finding extra space to install it. Its striking looks will add to the aesthetics of your television as well as the wall interior. The Seven Segment digital display lets you to digitally monitor the input and output voltage. It also shows the acute indicators such as low voltage, high voltage, overload cut-off etc., so you can enjoy whole peace of mind regarding the safety of your valued gadgets.

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Why we recommend it

  • Equipped to handle a wide range of input voltage, the V-Guard CRYSTAL PLUS SMART can keep your gadgets functional at voltage levels as low as 90 Volt so that you can enjoy uninterrupted entertainment, no matter how low, how high or how unpredictable the input voltage range is.
  • Order your CRYSTAL PLUS SMART online without worrying about its damage during transit.
  • We have specially packed it for safe home delivery when you buy it online.


When it comes to protecting sensitive or
expensive equipment, the best option is usually the most accurate stabilizers.
If these types of equipment are industrial and have high energy demands, we
will look for maximum robustness. If, on the other hand, we talk about
household equipment that is not particularly sensitive, it will be appropriate
to opt for a more economical option.

Let's see some examples:

  • The electronic stabilizers or AVR will make sense to
    protect equipment that is not very sensitive and does not generate high
    energy demands. In general, any electrical or electronic household appliance
    that does not exceed the maximum power can be protected with a stabilizer
    of this type. For example, televisions and AV equipment, small appliances,
    boilers, small pumps, etc.
  • Electromechanical stabilizers will make sense to
    protect more delicate equipment or those that generate high energy

In the computer environment, voltage
stabilizers are suitable to protect less critical peripherals and especially
laser printers. They are not suitable to protect computers or servers, because
the lack of batteries cannot guarantee electrical continuity in case of a total
failure in the supply.

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