Top 10 Best VR Headsets at Affordable Price in India 2019 – Complete Buying Guide

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Since virtual reality has now turned out to be a conventional entertainment form and not solely a costly technology trend for the quick adopters – there are hordes of different ways to get your house prepared for the top-notch VR experiences. However, the difficulty is that choosing a VR headset won’t be real simple, particularly as presently there is a wide variety of headsets available on the market having different sorts of experiences, distinct hardware, discrete requirements, and plenty of amazing deals on offer to jumble up the buying process even further.

The positive thing for the people who are serious about Virtual-Reality is that the exceptional class of headsets manufactured particularly for the PC gaming are pretty reasonably priced now credits to the perpetual price falls. However, such discounts have turned it even more confusing to select the Best VR Headset that would suit your requirements. Additionally, we have also covered the primary aspects related to VR Headsets so that our users can take a knowledgeable decision when selecting a unit from the market.

So what are you waiting for? Catch our detailed comprehensive VR Headset reviews so that you get to know each and everything about what you are going to purchase and make a wise decision.

Best VR (Virtual Reality) Headset in India – Reviews

Procus ONE Virtual Reality Headset 40MM Lenses -For IOS and Android

Procus One is made for VR Enthusiasts to get a taste of Virtual Reality. We have focused on the build quality for the comfort of the user. Giving special importance to the lenses used in Procus One for an immersive viewing experience. Procus One is compatible with majority of the VR applications available on the stores. For a sharper HD Vision, adjust the IPD (Interpupillary distance) to match your face type. Make the most out of your headset with the IPD Adjustment Feature. The Focal Length Adjustment knob allows users with nearsightedness or farsightedness to have eloquent viewing. Enjoy total immersion with large high quality lenses and large field of vision.

best vr headsets in india

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Why we recommend it

  • We suggest that the angle of back and seat should be 60 Degrees. The recommended duration for continuous viewing is 30 minutes.
  • The Headband on Procus One has a firm head support that keeps the device in place even during head movement and activity. To let users have the best VR Experience, 360° Videos and an altogether comfortable viewing, the Procus One headset supports cinematic viewing with convenient head positioning.
  • The Adjustable Headband allows for the best fit possible for different face type and head sizes. The adjustable strap allows the entire family from kids to grownups to have a unmatched viewing experience.
  • With sufficient room to plug-in your headphones externally, earphones can easily be used with the headset. Procus One provides easy access to an immersive Virtual Reality experience.

AuraVR Pro Fully Adjustable VR Glasses Headset with Remote Controller

AuraVR Pro is undoubtedly the bestselling VR headset in the market. Packed with features like: Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Remote, Augmented Reality Support, Supports upto 6 inches phones, Large 42 MM lenses, Adjustable Focal length and IPD, Three way head-strap and a non-sweating cushion for comfortable viewing experience.

best vr headsets in india

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Why we recommend it

  • Enjoy VR Games, Virtual Reality Tours, 360° Photos & Videos, 3D movies & the ever increasing selection of quality VR content via your smartphone.
  • The PMMA optical resin lenses are 42mm in diameter & provide a spectacular cinema like experience.
  • Each lens can be adjusted individually to suite ones eyesight.

Adofys VR SHINECON 6.0, 4th Generation 3D Virtual Reality Headset

Latest Version of VR – we not only reduce the volume and weight, but also pay more attention to internal component. We went on to conquer multiple barriers to obtain very accurate fitting of parts. The VR Shinecon with a new handheld controller that seamlessly responds to organic, human movements in virtual experiences.

Best VR Headsets in India

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Why we recommend it

  • Eyes Protection & Comfortable – HD resin spherical lens are updated to be more smooth and purified. It can completely eliminate the feel of vertigo and provide you high-resolution imaging and the color visual event.
  • Adjustable Pupil and Focus Distance – You can simply adjust the position of the spherical resin lens through moving the button on the top of the 3D VR GLASSES so as to get a better experience of watching movies in seconds.
  • Ergonomic Design – This adjustable T-shaped strap is made of lightweight material, which can decrease the pressure around your eyes, face and on your head, providing you more comfortable feeling.

EDGEMETER VR SHINECON 6.0, 4th Generation 3D Virtual Reality Headset with Stereo

Headset version panoramic VR, the 4th Gen VR 6.0, breaking the conventional definition of VR, designed with exquisite workmanship, make it owns perfect appearance and structure. The front cooling panel adsorption through magnet, very convenient to demolish, effectively dissipate heat, at the same time you can also achieve mobile phone camera functions. The padding on the plastic is very soft, it's like you're not even wearing it.

Best VR Headsets in India

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Why we recommend it

  • Removable adsorption front cover increases heat dissipation space ans makes it easy to install and remove, perfectly solving the problem of heat dissipation.
  • Dual lens independent design.Single lens support people with shortsightedness under 600. find a more comfortable watching angle for eyes and let you enjoy the HD display.
  • Simple and luxury, comfortable and healthy fast breathable, easy to clean

Irusu PLAY VR PLUS headset with headphones

From the largest VR headset providers in India, Irusu Playvr Plus headset is one step forward in providing a feature-packed VR headset with advanced lenses, strong build quality for all in one mobile VR experience.

Best VR Headsets in India

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Why we recommend it

  • Get the complete immersive VR Experience with the play vr plus vr box headset. This VR has integrated adjustable headphones.
  • Advance Built in Touch Buttons and Hidden Microphone
  • This VR Headset has inbuilt touch which can be used for triggering the actions in the VR.
  • It has Multi-Function button used for play/pause the VR content and for attending the calls while using the vr headset
  • It has combined volume buttons can be used for increasing/decreasing the volume
  • It has secreted microphone to take calls although using vr headset without taking your mobile out of the VR Headset.

Samsung Gear VR W Controller – Latest Edition (US Version)

Explore, race, Jet-set,  Discover. Do what you've only fancied about and go where you've never been with the Samsung Gear VR, powered by Oculus. No wires, no difficult setup. Just snap your smartphone into the Gear VR and dive right into 360ï‚° experiences. Watch your favorite shows on Hulu and Netflix. Take your gaming to the next level. And with a spread-out library of premium content, there's always a new escapade waiting.

Best VR Headsets Online

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Why we recommend it

  • Complete 360 immersion with a wide 101o field of view
  • New social features to interact with friends in vr -watch a movie/TV together, play a game or just chat in a virtual world
  • Seamless integration with Samsung gear 360 to create your own VR content

Ocular Grand Fully Adjustable VR Headset With Inbuilt Headphones & 42MM PMMA Lenses

Ocular Grand is a unification work of imagination & creativity which makes it a finest device. From the instant you hold it; you will sense the devotion to detail that went into its design. Inspired by Google Cardboard & manufactured from Non-Toxic Environmental Materials, this exclusive design is trivial & moveable. The prudently selected material on the inside of the device & alluring clasp guards your smartphone & parade from scrapes!!

best Headsets to Buy Online

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Why we recommend it

  • The glasses are well-suited with most of the smartphones & operating system of the smartphone (IOS / Android / Windows) is no bar for this device.
  • Grand makes sensations to imitate a real environment or a make-believe setting & stimulates your physical presence in this environment to empower you to interrelate with this space & enjoy extended FOV, surpassing 120 degrees!!
  • Experience the Astounding World of Virtual Reality with 100% Risk-Free to let you buy with Confidence as we are quite assured that you will be Super Overwhelmed with this 3D VR Headset & will have fun with Personal Visual Feasts at your Convenience!!

Procus PRO (White) VR Headset – 100-120 Degree FOV with Highest Immersive Experience

For a Virtual Reality Experience closest to realism and immersion like no other, get the Procus Pro VR Headset with built in headphones.  While the fine superiority PMMA lenses provide for a large field of vision, the inherent headphones deliver for immersive sound for a natural experience.  What’s new about the Procus PRO headset is its touch button controller that can be used at to help support controlling the device outwardly without having to eliminate the headset. At Procus, we value your faith in us and effort each time to give a reasonable quality experience.

Top 10 Best VR Headsets in India

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Why we recommend it

  • Apply the external volume controller to effortlessly increase and decrease the volume. The inbuilt Action buttons lets you to control apps deprived of any external controllers or clippers.
  • Only slide your device into the front panel and make adjustments according to the size of your phone. The adaptable and secure tray is appropriate for phones of many different sizes.
  • The mobile holder panel dispels heat effectively. Extra levers or sockets are not necessary to operate.

WI TRANCE 110-120 Degree FOV Virtual Reality Headset with Bluetooth Remote

Wi trance vr headset is fortified with best in class 62 mm lenses for 120 degree fov for best immersive virtual reality experience ever ,we have used mixture of pmma-resin material for all new glasses for best immersive virtual reality experience with zero glass-door effect.

Best VR Headsets

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Why we recommend it

  • With all new PR glasses it can be effortlessly adopted for myopia users to evade spectacles during watching movies/contents on wi trance VR headset.
  • Wi trance VR headset uses all new soft etch foam material to avoid etching from allergic foam material.

OCULAR Rapid Virtual Reality Glasses (White)

An ocular Rapid VR glass comes with an effusively flexible design that lets you to make essential adjustment through lens distance adjustment mechanical knob. These VR sets are designed in a compact design that entails you with fast installation of your smartphone & heat dissipation for extended VR experience. This design allows you to access the camera of your phone & easy connectivity with the earphones.

Best VR Headsets in India

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Why we recommend it

  • The Device integrates super soft moderating for your face and well placed ventilation holes for heat intemperance of your smartphone.
  • The glasses are also armed with contented elastic head-strap, which is totally adaptable from 3 ends to distract pressure from the bridge of your nose & your face.
  • The spin proof HD lenses reduce the eye fatigue, which in-turn removes the incidence of simulant sickness and offers unparalleled FOV!!

Buying guide of virtual reality Headsets

We tell you everything you need to know about virtual reality Headsets, the key elements and what to look for when choosing a model or another. If you are planning to acquire virtual reality Headsets, these tips will be very useful to decide.

The virtual reality Headsets are something already present in the technology sector, although still missing by take the final step to be part of our lives.

Although this is not something that we have invented yesterday, but it has been looking for with the available means in each moment to obtain the best results.

Buying tips

Between your Smartphone

It may sound obvious, but you have to be careful with certain phones, since sometimes the references used by the augmented reality viewers when it comes to indicating the screen size compatible with the device correspond to a standard that the manufacturer considers, and that sometimes is larger or smaller than the maximum or the minimum respectively.

For this reason, we must be careful, since it can happen that some Headsets indicate that they admit phones of up to 5.5 inches, and some model with that screen size does not enter the compartment to accommodate it because it is too large.

Make them comfortable

If you cannot be even a minute with the Headsets on, or you end up with marks on your face, maybe you have not chosen well. Not everyone has the same face shape, and some can adapt better than others. The ideal is always to try them, but if you cannot, you have to make sure that the bridge for the nose is wide, the straps must be adjustable and made of a soft and elastic material, trying to avoid rigid elements such as plastic parts. The part of the augmented reality Headsets in contact with our face should have a pad preferably, or at least a plastic with some elasticity.

If you need to use the Headsets, make sure that they allow you to put on the viewfinder properly. The narrower these are, the easier it is that they do not present any problem when using them.

It is not determinative, but the weight will also help. The lighter they are better, since they must allow the free movement of the head without this supposes an effort.

The optics

Since these viewers support phones of different formats, the distance of the optics to the screen cannot be the same for a 4-inch screen as for a 6-screen. It is therefore essential that the optics can be adjusted in both aperture and depth. In addition, to improve the experience, the lenses themselves must have a consistent quality, and must be of glass, to have a good transparency.

It is important to test them since lenses usually admit a certain degree of vision. If you have a nearsightedness or astigmatism above 1.5 it will be necessary to make use of your Headsets.

The most convenient is to have a phone that fits as much as possible to the maximum screen size allowed by the Headsets, since this way we will obtain the best possible stereoscopic effect. Although the product itself says that it is compatible with 3.5 or 4-inch phones, it is advisable to use telephones of at least 5 inches, since lower screens will cause a very narrow field of vision, and will reduce us significantly the feeling of immersion.


The details also matter, and things like the absence of burrs, soft endings, or a good fit are another key factor. The materials must offer the necessary robustness, without having the impression that they can be broken at any time.

These are the 4 main factors that you must take into account when choosing a virtual reality Headsets for Smart phones. Something that in theory does not affect, but that is also determining, is two of the most sensitive characteristics for you: the design and the price. At the moment the variety is great, but the design in all is very similar, so in this sense the issue will be nuanced.

The price range of virtual reality Headsets can be broad depending on the model, from 4 or 5 $ of cardboard to almost 200 $ of the Samsung Gear virtual reality, although the vast majority are between 20 and 30 $, offering very similar designs and characteristics. Later we will tell you the most recommendable models, and the characteristics that make them stand out against the competition.

Along with this, it should also be noted that many of the virtual reality applications that are in these moments require a control to move in different applications and games, so it would be interesting to have a bundle of Headsets together with this accessory.

Personal Recommendation

Being smart consumers never ever compromise the quality of unique appliances you buy because of the money. Respected VR Headsdets are effortlessly accessible on the Internet if you’re on a budget. If you are having a hard time finding one, we have recognized a good option for Adofys VR SHINECON 6.0, 4th Generation 3D Virtual Reality Headset is a valuable, performance oriented and a sensible product. It is also tough and has a well-engineered design that will help you offer the best VR experience ever solutions for years to come.

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