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home cooked Spaghetti can taste like delicious pasta served at your revered
eating joints. Once you taste the real pasta, replicating the same is nearly
impossible. Here’s why you need a pasta maker for your kitchen, so that you can
have your pasta at any given time of the day. In this post, you’ll find a
buyer’s guide on how to choose the pasta maker followed by top 5 options
available in the market.

Guide to choose the best pasta maker

A machine to make pasta is a mechanical or
electrical kitchen utensil with which we can make pasta or noodles that we
consume at home. It allows for preparing the pasta as we prefer it in terms of
thickness and shape.

All lovers of Italian pasta should have a
utensil like this at home that is quite profitable if we take into account that
with a kilo of wheat flour and eight eggs we can prepare about two kilos of
pasta to our liking.

Currently, there are two types of machines for
pasta: the flattener and cutter and the machine by extrusion; the first is the
classic one with which we can prepare various types of pasta such as lasagna,
linguini, and cannelloni, among others.

The second machine is the one that allows making
pasta like macaroni or spaghetti of different sizes; it basically consists of
pressing the dough into a cylinder until it comes out through small holes, as
happens with churreras.

 If you are looking to buy a pasta machine
but do not know where to start, then you are in the right place. Throughout
this article, you will discover all the secrets and recommendations that you
should know so that your choice when making one of them is as accurate as
possible, whether your goal is to have the machine in a bar as if it is to have
it at home. In both cases, the play will come out round.

Features to consider when buying a pasta

The variety that currently exists in the market
on machines to make pasta is quite considerable, so we must take into account
some criteria before acquiring it because the main objective of the purchase is
to cover our needs.

In that sense, before investing in this useful
tool you should consider aspects such as:

The brand

It is important that we observe the most
recognized brands that use quality materials such as stainless steel, as this
will allow us to acquire a machine so durable that even our children and
grandchildren can inherit it.

The value for money

Machine type

It is necessary to analyze if the price of the
machine is equivalent to the quality of the pasta that it provides us according
to our needs and the functions it has.

According to your preferences should be the type
of machine to choose, that is, if you like spaghetti you can opt for an
extrusion; If you prefer the cannelloni, the lasagna or the ravioli then you
can choose a classic with a flattener and slicer.

In the same way, you can choose according to
your preferences between a manual and an electric machine, this will depend on
the elaboration of the products you choose.


Some machines to make pasta have included
accessories that are attached to it and allow you to cut the pasta in different
ways to obtain various types of noodles. These are very attractive for lovers
of Italian food who want to prepare different dishes. So when choosing a
machine, make sure you come with the necessary accessories to make your Italian
products and dishes.

Types of pasta

It is preferable to choose a machine that allows
you to make various types of pasta for our favorite recipes, with adjustable
rollers to achieve different thicknesses and shapes, as the variety is the

Look at the included accessories, with which you
can make both long kinds of pasta such as spaghetti and linguinis to short
pasta such as macaroni and elbows for example. The more types you can perform
much better.

Thickness adjustments

It is very linked to the previous factor. You
must choose a model that allows you to perform different types of finishing. By
this, I mean that you can flatten the pasta dough very thin and have one or
more cutting tools to shape the pasta.

The size

This is a fundamental factor because if you have
a fairly large kitchen you can opt for a pasta machine of any size, but if you
do not have much space you must choose one that suits the space you have
available in the kitchen to avoid inconvenience to the time to store it.

Life spam of pasta maker

The durability of the machine depends to a great
extent on the materials with which the machine is made. In that sense, we
recommend the stainless steel since it is much more hygienic and resistant than


If you prefer manual machines make sure you have
a system to fix it in the kitchen with it to prevent it from moving and an
accident occurs. If yours are the electric machines look for those that have
automatic shutdown after a few minutes in disuse.


The mass is evident that stains the machine and
that is why it must be cleaned after each use. To facilitate that the cleaning
is as fast as possible it is necessary to check the ability of the machine to
disassemble and thus be able to clean the parts separately and get a much
better result. This is especially important to check when the machine is made
of stainless steel since its weight is greater and cleaning it without
disassembling it can be quite heavy. 


The price of a pasta machine is a very variable
factor since it will depend on whether it has more or better accessories, the
manufacturing materials, whether it is electric or manual, among others.

The price range can range from 30 Euros in cheap
models to over 100 euros in more complete machines.

Manual or electric

If you are going to use it occasionally and for
small quantities, the most normal thing is that with a manual machine you have
enough and so you can save the amount of an electric machine, which is higher.
The manual machines normally usually need two people to make the paste since
while one person gives the crank of the rollers another has to be in charge of
supporting it so that it does not move and spoil the process. Electric machines
are much more comfortable but have the disadvantage of having a higher price,
so the choice will depend on the preferences of the consumer.

5 Noodles making machines

KENT Noodle and Pasta Maker 150-Watt (White)

Prepare delicious noodles, pasta or momos in no time with the Kent Noodle & Pasta Maker. It comes with seven molds that can be used to prepare noodles, kinds of pasta or momos of different shapes and sizes. In addition, this pasta and noodle maker can be easily cleaned, thanks to its specially designed cleaning tool.

Check Price on Amazon

Why we recommended it

  • An up to date pasta making
    device with automatic operation of mixing, rubdown and extruding to find fresh,
    hygienic noodles, pasta, momos and gujiya in minutes.
  • This unique device helps you
    make noodles, pasta, momos, and gujiya, fresh at home in less than 10 minutes.
  • The automatic mixing, kneading
    and extrusion functions facilitate the manufacture of a variety of noodles and
    pasta without any manual intervention.
  • With this pasta and noodle
    maker, you can customize the flavors by using different types of flour and adding
    ingredients such as egg, herbs, vegetable juices, etc.
  • This easy-to-assemble device
    with a compact and easy-to-use design makes it extremely easy to operate, clean
    and store.

Divinezon Stainless Steel Pasta
Maker and Roller Machine, Noodle Spaghetti and Fettuccine Maker

The Divine on stainless steel pasta and rolling machine is definitely one of the best-qualified products you can buy. With many features and easy-to-use options, it's a great thing to have in your home. The pasta maker is also easy to build and has a sturdy body. Apart from this, wear resistance prevents the product from oxidizing.

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Why we recommended it

  • This device is a capable
    assistant and a perfect companion for pasta lovers who will unleash his passion
    for cooking
  • The non-compulsory rollers can
    construct noodles of 2 different thicknesses.
  • The product is completely
    non-slip and comfortable to grip.
  • You can store it anywhere in
    your kitchen as the size is quite relevant and also ensures that everything
    goes well.

Moradiya fresh Stainless Steel Noodles Cutter Roller, Pasta Maker Machine (3 in 1)

It is a manual machine made of high quality galvanized steel. The machine is extremely durable, easy to use and operate. You can make several types of pasta with this machine. It is one of well know pasta machine in the market.

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Why we recommended it

  • You can create various pasta
    shapes such as spaghetti, lasagna, and linguine.
  • This noodle maker adopts
    premium quality stainless steel material.
  • It can be fixed to the table or
    work surface with the clamp provided
  • In addition, the optional
    rollers can make noodles of 2 different thicknesses (2 mm and 6 mm)
  • The ergonomic treatment on the
    handle makes it non-slip.
  • Product size: 8. 1 “x 8.
    1” x 5. 5 “, Package includes: 1 x Maker Paste 1 x Hand Crank 1 x

Divinz Stainless Steel Pasta Maker & Roller Machine, Noodle Spaghetti and Fettuccine Maker

DIVINZ is the registered brand of DIVINZ Corporation. We suggest buying the original product by the seller who is wholesaler as well as retailer. So buy original products only from DIVINZ & have a safe shopping. DIVINZ serving buyers from many years. We achieved high customer standard services by our long experience.

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Why we recommended it

  • Brand new and high quality,
    Stainless steel material, wear-resistant and uneasy to get rusty
  • Can be fixed to the table or
    working surface with the clamp provided
  • Optional two different noodle
    widths (2mm and 6mm)
  • Anti-skid handle, comfortable
    to grip
  • Easily prepare your own fresh
    pasta: Spaghetti, fettuccine, lasagna, etc

Grizzly Stainless Steel Pasta
Roller with Tagliatelle and Fettuccine Cutters (Pasta & Noodle Maker)

Prepare authentic noodles in your home with the Italian made Atlas noodle machine Body made with anodized aluminum chromed steel rollers and cutters The easily adjustable 9-way dial regulates the thickness of the noodle dough Includes manual crank and clamp with stainless steel handles Narrow ABS plastic and wide cutters Additional accessories for more styles of noodles sold separately Homemade chefs are more interested than ever in creating healthier ways to feed their families. The organics are inside, and the pasta never comes out.

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Why we recommended it

  • Grizzly Stainless Steel Pasta
    Roller with Tagliatelle and Fettuccine Cutters is the most well-known pasta
    machine in the world. With this pasta making machine you can make fettuccine,
    spaghetti, flat dough sheet, and tagliatelle.
  • It has an easy-to-use
    adjustment button that allows you to control the thickness of the noodles, from
    0.3 mm to 2.5 mm.
  • This heavy duty machine has a
    chromed steel body.
  • The rollers and cutters are
    made of long-lasting anodized aluminum.
  • Anodized aluminum is an
    innovation of well-being; Rollers and cutters grip the dough better and because
    they are free of heavy metals, such as chromium and nickel, healthier results
    are obtained.
  • The gears are hardened steel.
    It also includes clamp to secure the counter, instruction book and recipes.

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